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Why Stand Up Paddling is So Healthy and a very good work out ?


There’s something happening world-wide on lakes, oceans, streams and even on samui thailand :stand up paddling!

You wouldn’t be reading or listening to this segment if you too weren’t drawn into the explosive new craze of stand up paddling or SUP as is it a great way to get healthy.

Why Stand Up Paddling is So Healthy

Now, thousands of people are discovering,  It’s really true. SUP or stand up paddling is a known way to get healthy fast.

People are rehabbing after hip or knee surgeries faster, meeting new friends and new soul mates and all of this makes you healthy.

Going to the gym is still great, and don’t forget, eating the right foods is paramount to eating for energy while your paddling, but wow, look what’s happening to your spouse, your friends and movie stars! Hop aboard and get healthy with SUP.

Stand up paddling is a part of all my clients’ cross-training requirements and believe me, their bodies have transformed and so has their lives, cardio health and I’ve seen waistlines shrink.

Don’t think about, watch it from the beach, get on that board and paddle. You too will soon discover the joys and amazing benefits of SUP.

Another article you may enjoy talks about how SUP is helping people cope with depression. It’s a mind and body experience gliding across the water. Read my article here titled: SUP For Your Mind’s Health: Aqua Therapy For Depression.

You are one paddle stroke closer to health. Write us and let us know how SUP has changed your maybe unhealthy life, into a way of life!


1. Begin in a plank position on your stand up board out on the water. Make sure that you are centered in the middle of the board so that you don’t rock from side to side.


2. Keeping your shoulders, hips and knees in line, bring your right knee up to touch your right elbow. Keep your back straight and use your abdominal muscles to do the work for you. Don’t let your hips sag or raise up.


3. Return your right leg to the starting position and repeat the exercise with your left leg. Continue for 3-4 sets of between 16-32 repetitions at a slow tempo to strengthen your core!

Stop this exercise immediately when your form becomes compromised or your low back starts to hurt.

And Now do the same on the water !!!!

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Now sup fintness is so efficient that you can do it inside

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